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Go. Share your city. Park.

Park Circa has been the side project of a couple geeks who saw a parking problem and believed neighbors could work in their own best interests to help each other.

We've built an awesome platform, because that's what geeks do. Seriously, it's the best. But the rest is out of our control. We can't make people use this tool. We can't tell your friends about it. We can't make you share your space. It's up to you to make this work for your own benefit.

So we are giving this free tool to you and your community. We will keep the platform running as long as enough people continue to show an interest. But we are relying on you to spread the word and you to use it. If you don't, this platform will disappear and you can go back to complaining about how much parking sucks.

We believe in this idea though, and we sincerely hope this platform empowers you to park a little easier, spend a little less and live a little lighter.

Everyone says they love the idea. But just like a bike, Park Circa needs people to peddle. We hope you peddle far. We'll be watching.

Go. Share your city. Park.

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