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AirBnB for Parking


Having a single parking space at home is nice. Having parking all around the city is much better! Park Circa lets you convert your empty space into cash or parking credit that can be redeemed all around the city when you need it.

Share Your Space

Benefits for Sharing


take your space with you
convert your unused space into parking credit that you can redeem when and where you need it, in our private network of parking all around the city.


make money
@$1-3/hr and an average of 4 hours per day, you could make $120 - 360/mo.


be a hero
help make life easier for your neighbors and fellow citizens, without any cost to yourself.


make the city greener
reduce emissions and traffic by reducing the number of times people have to circle the block.


improve efficiency
of urban resources through utilizing under utilized resources.

Private Network of Parking

You already understand how AirBnB works. The same concept is true of parking. If you have a parking space (driveway, on street blocking driveway, carport, etc), why not share it with your neighbors when you aren't using it? You can help create a private network of parking all around the city, which can cover your own costs, make extra money, and essentially allow you to take your parking space with you. If you don't have a parking space to share, you can still buy credit to participate.

If you have a publically accessible space, such as a carport, driveway (or even on-street blocking driveway), share it today. Please create an account, it's free and there's no risk.

Share Your Space

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