Big Changes: Free Parking Is Priceless

Chadwick Meyer
Couchsurfing for Parking

We've been watching you for the past 2 years now, and you just won't give up! Thousands of you keep joining Park Circa and writing articles about this idea and proving that you want this platform to work. But new members still are not engaged enough to get us over a critical mass. So we've decided to pivot and try something new.

In the beginning, people used to say Park Circa was like "Airbnb for Parking", but we're thinking maybe the right model for us is "Couchsurfing for Parking", the non-commercial, adventurous, and more social cousin. A community of people that give as much as they get, proving that money isn't the most important motivation for most things in life.

The pain of parking is high, that much is clear. And even if you can afford your own dedicated parking space at home, it's just as painful for you when you want to visit your friends or go out for a night on the town.

So we know that everyone needs access to a private network of parking spaces that money can't buy. But how can we build that network?

No sense arguing, we've already volunteered you. The decision is final. You are going to build that network. Why? Because you are the one that's complaining about parking...

How it Works

  • The only way to access our private network of priceless spaces is to pay with Park Circa credit.
  • But now, the only way to get Park Circa credit is to refer people who share their parking space and drivers who use the spaces.
  • These premium spaces will be available only to those that build the private network. Parking will be "free", but you will earn your reward.
  • At some point in the future, when there are no more spaces to recruit, and every driver is using Park Circa already, we'll come up with other creative ways to keep your credits filled. Maybe you'll earn credits through community service, or donations to your favorite charity, or maybe then it will be time to introduce paid credits once again. We'll make sure space owners continue to have an advantage and are rewarded for their spaces so they keep participating.
  • If you are a parking space owner, why will you share your space? Because you aren't using it half the time, and your space doesn't do you any good when aren't home, so why not earn credit that lets you park in my space. It's a win win. And you actually want people to use your space, because that's the easiest way to earn credit.

How to Earn Credit

  • Get your Referral Code or link from your account dashboard, or click on any of the sharing links.
  • You will earn $25 for every member you refer (and the person you refer will start out with $5 of credit for using your code).
  • You will earn $100 of credit for every member that lists a parking space.
  • You will earn $500 of credit if you share you own parking space.

No cheating please. We will validate that the space is real and gets used by the community, before rewarding the credit.

Control Your Parking Destiny

If you run out of friends, or your friends are lame and don't want to join, or super cool because they bike everywhere, get creative. Print out some of our flyers, and when you find a parking spot you'd like to use, stop by and talk to the home owners or leave a hand written note on the flyer. Just keep them around whenever you go out. That'll keep you busy, and at $100 per space you refer, that will keep your credit topped off.

Let us know what you think! Give us your feedback on our Facebook Wall.

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