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Company Vision

Park Circa is a tool to help neighbors communicate, coordinate and share parking. Our vision for Park Circa is to help make people's lives just a little bit easier in the city.

Cities are dynamic, exciting places filled with so much potential. People come to the city to invent, do art, write books, innovate new ideas, meet people and enjoy the culture. But cities can be dirty and hard places too, that turn people sour over time. We are committed to making cities more livable, to improving urban living, to making land use more efficient, sharing resources, planting trees, improving biking infrastructure and walkability, growing community in the city, getting people out of their homes and into the streets to look their neighbors in the eye and not be afraid to say, "good morning."

We support the work of organizations like Livable City and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition because we actually believe that life would be better if we could park the car and get out into the world. We have great admiration for services like Craigslist which transformed the way the city communicates. Craigslist made the city more local, friendly, efficient, and livable. It gave the city a very simple tool, and you and I made it work because we wanted it to. We want Park Circa to be a tool like that, that people use to make the city more livable for themselves and others.

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