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At the moment, the apps are temporarily on hold. There are some known bugs that we are not fixing these until there are volunteer developers or we get a lot more people who demonstrate a desire to share spaces real-time. This is an all volunteer project at the moment, so pitch in if you want to help. In the meantime, the platform is great for managing monthly parking spaces (and the website works for checking in and out real-time).

Our App is Free! Before downloading the App, we recommend you create an account on the website since it's easier to fill out your information online.

We are working hard to get an App built for all modern smartphones (starting with just the basic functionality required to search and check-in/out and eventually adding more helpful features). We'll release a mobile version of the website that is more optimized for small screens, for those that don't have an App on their phone yet, but in the meantime you can still search and check-in/out with the basic website. Thank you for your patience.

iPhone beta

The iPhone app is awesome. Unfortunately, our developer license expired so it's not available on the app store ATM.

Android beta

From your Android smartphone (v2.1+) go to the Market and search for "Park Circa", then install the free App. You can also view it on Android's App Site. NOTE: There are some known search bugs on the Android app that are easy to fix but won't be fixed until we see serious interest in sharing spaces.

Windows Phone 7

Yes, thanks to the generous help of a fan, we even have an app for your Windows phone. Download it at the Windows Marketplace

Demo of iPhone App

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