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Drivers & Parkers

With Park Circa, you now have friends in every neighborhood and they want you to use their parking spaces.

How it Works

Whether or not you have your own private parking space at home, you know how hard it is to find parking when you go out to a restaurant, shopping, to work, or to visit friends. Even if you're willing to pay for street parking, there often aren't any empty spaces available. So you circle the same few streets repeatedly, hoping someone will move. And while you're waiting for a miracle and your stress level is climbing, you see house after house with an empty driveway or wide-open space in front of their driveway. If only you could knock on the door and get permission to park for a couple hours! With Park Circa, you now have friends in every neighborhood and they want you to use their parking spaces.

You just need to use the Park Circa App (or you can visit our website with any smartphone) to search for available spaces in the neighborhood. When you find one nearby, check the schedule (max available time) and make sure that the space is available long enough for your needs.

If the time and price look good, just click "Check-In". The Check-In process starts the timer and legal contract between you and the Parking Space Owner, and designates the terms of service, costs, and liability limitations. You can then leave your car and meet up with friends (on time!) for dinner. When you return to your car, click "Check-Out" and then Park Circa will calculate the total time and cost and transfer some credit from your account into the Parking Space Owner's account.

Yes, this is based on an honor system, sort of. But if you park in a space without checking in, you have not entered into a legal contract with the owner, and you may be towed just like anyone else.

How You Earn Credit

This is a community for people who give as much as they get. Park Circa is just a tool to empower you to make it happen. If you want access to a private network of parking, you need credit. There are 3 ways to earn credit:

  • Refer another Member: $25
  • Refer a Parking Space: $100
  • Share Your Own Parking Space: $500
Once you have exhausted all your friends, you can can start telling your neighbors. If there are empty parking spaces you want to use, print a flyer from us, write a neighborly note, and ask them to join! The best way to earn credit is to share your own space, which will give you a lot of parking around the city. If you don't have a space, find someone that does.

How You Pay

Once you have credit, you can see the details and check-in to parking spaces. As you check in and out of parking spaces, your credit will dwindle down and you'll obviously need to earn more credit (which is easy enough). If you don't have enough credit, you will not be allowed to check-in to a space. If the costs of your check-in is more than the credit you have, you can check-out, but then you will be required to add more credit to your account to cover the costs (otherwise your account will be locked until you add enough credit to reestablish a positive credit).

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