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Monthly Parking Benefits

If you are car owner looking for monthly parking, see our Monthly Parking Map.

BENEFITS of Listing on Park Circa

  • Free. Listing your monthly parking space on Park Circa is free. You can double list on other services as well (just be sure to mark your space as inactive if you lease it so you don't get lots of unwanted contacts).
  • Comprehensive Parking Marketplace. Our niche focus on parking makes Park Circa the most streamlined interface for people to find the best options for monthly parking. We have thousands of visitors who want to see your listing.
  • Great Search Interface. As much as we all love Craigslist, it is not user friendly for car owners. Our Monthly Parking Interface makes it easier to find parking with:
    • Mapping
    • Photos
    • Easy Search
    • Advanced Filters
  • Easy Management of Spaces. You can manage multiple spaces and toggle them as "leased" when they are rented or "active" when you need a new tennant. Your spaces stay on the site, and unlike Craigslist¬†you don't have to relist every week!
  • Micro-Sharing. We allow you to keep using your space and just micro-share it with one other person during set times of the day or days of the week (or tandem parking arrangement).
  • Automated Billing. Regular landlords may want to handle billing on their own. But if you are a tennant who wants to sublease your parking space because you don't use it, you may not want to hassle with writing a lease, monthly billing, and finding new tenants. Our system can handle this process for you month after month for a¬†10% fee, which includes credit card processing fees. If you don't want us to handle billing, then there is no charge.
  • Post to Craigslist.Coming soon, we will provide automated posting (and weekly reposting) to craigslist as long as your space is active. Our posts will include a nicely designed page with photo (if you have one). This means you can list your space once on Park Circa, and not have to hassle with reposting on craigslist (we'll do it for you).

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