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Scheduled Updates

Below is a list of updates that we have planned for the website and mobile app. We will release these upgrades as quick as we can.
  • Space Management on App: Many people don't have a regular schedule and prefer to just toggle their space on/off whenever they leave home or know that it's going to be available (e.g. at night). So we will be implementing space management on the app, so you can list your space as available real-time by clicking on the space, choosing how long it's available, using the default price or setting a new price, and then hitting save. You will also be able to monitor who is checked into your space live.
  • Rating System: we will be implementing a rating system for Owners and Drivers to give feedback on each transaction. If a Driver causes damage, parks inconsiderately, doesn't check out in time, etc., the Owner can give a bad rating. Or if a Driver parks in a space that turns out to earn them a ticket for no fault of their own, they may want to rate the Owner poorly for listing a space that was not legal. These ratings will keep the community honest, and create a credibility system that follows users around. In the future, Owners can choose to only rent their spaces to Drivers with a rating above a specified amount, and Drivers can choose to search for spaces that exceed a minimum rating.
  • Space Verification: we will begin to personally verify spaces (to ensure that they are listed by the owner/authorized lessee and to verify that they are legitimate, legal spaces). Once verified, a Parking Space will receive special status over non-verified spaces, to give users more confidence.
  • Reservations: currently you can only check into a parking space real time, when you are parked in the space. But sometimes if you are planning on going somewhere in the future, you may want to make a reservation ahead of time so you have a guaranteed space, e.g. dinner reservations, upcoming event, etc.
  • Timezone Support: timezones are supported and the schedules are relative to timezone of the parking space. But when you do a search, the main map still shows "availability" based on your profile's timezone. So if you are from Boston and normally use Park Circa in your local city, but you visit San Francisco, the map of what's available may show some spaces that aren't actually available at that hour. Once you look at the details page, it will show you whether it truly is available right now local to that space. We'll be updating the main map soon, so timezones are fully supported even if you travel around.
  • Apps for other Smart Phones: Blackberry, Windows, etc.
  • Mobile Version of Website: since the app is only available on the iPhone platform right now, other smart phone users are forced to use the website to search, check-in and check-out. This works, but the website is not yet optimized for tiny screens, so it can be a bit clumsy. We are working on apps for Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones, but until they are ready, we also plan to complete a mobile version of our site so that it's easier to use on a smart phone.
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