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Common Questions

Space Verification & Signs

Space Verification & Signs

Space owners are encouraged to post a photo of their space and also install an official Park Circa sign. If an owner has installed a sign, their space will be marked as "verified" on our app. If the space is marked as verified, you should not park there unless you see a sign.



Yes! You can opt to receive email or SMS notifications to your phone whenever someone checks in or out of your space.


Overtime Parking

It is very important that we build trust between owners and drivers, so that owners are not afraid to share their spaces. If drivers do not respect owners' schedules, owners may decide it's not worth their time to share, and everyone loses. So we have instituted some strict policies to discourage bad behavior.


Keeping Drivers Honest

We believe that most people are good and are happy to pay for a good parking space that helps make life a little easier. But we know there are always a few people that will try to game the system. Fortunately there are existing structures in place (and some clever new ones) to hold people accountable.


Business Model

We don't. At the moment, Park Circa is entirely a not-for-profit business that is funded by some small-time local entrepreneurs who want to see this idea succeed. Park Circa provides the tools for people to passively coordinate the sharing of parking spaces for market based rates using parking credit that is earned by referring other parking spaces and drivers.


Owner's Liability for Injury Caused to Driver

See our Terms of Service for specific information about legal responsibilities and limitations of liability between parties. Home owners and renters should have insurance that includes Bodily Injury and Property Damage liability coverage. If you are worried about your liability, speak to your insurance company and/or a lawyer.


Driver's Liability for Damage caused to Property

See our Terms of Service for specific information about legal responsibilities and limitations of liability between parties. In most places Drivers are required by law to have auto insurance which includes Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage. If you are worried about your liability, speak to your insurance company and/or a lawyer.


Property Insurance

Keep in mind that there are other successful services with similar models, such as AirBnB, that rent out private rooms in a house, which represents a much higher risk. Also Garage Sales transact business in your private driveway in much the same way. But if you are concerned about liability for sharing your parking space, please contact your insurance provider to determine your rights and responsibilities.


Scheduled Vacancy and Crime Risk

We take security very seriously, and are continually working on ways to make things safer. But while we can't guarantee that this won't happen, we think it's unlikely to put you at risk for several reasons outlined in this article, and may even improve security.


Parking Guidelines

We want to make the city more livable for everyone. We do not want our App to encourage bad behavior that makes life difficult or frustrating to parking space owners, pedestrians, neighbors, the handicapped, etc. So follow the laws, and our guidelines included in this article, and you should be fine.


One-Time (Non-Recurring) Schedules

We do not have the interface for adding one-time schedules, but we will add that ability soon. For the beta version we only have a recurring scheduler. However, you can accomplish this in another way. For now set a recurring schedule for a particular day of the week (and time) and then simply turn your parking space status on/off as the need requires.


Monthly and Daily Parking

Yes. You can allow someone to use your space on a daily basis and set an hourly or a flat fee for a specific period of time (e.g. 8am to 5pm or 12:00am to 12:00am all day). You can also list your space on a monthly basis for dedicated or micro-share monthly.



The circumstances of the towing will determine the legal responsibilities and possible rights. See the Terms of Service for specifics, but essentially if the Driver is towed unfairly, the Parking Space Owner will be required to reimburse the fees. But if the Driver violated the terms of the contract in some way, the Driver will be responsible just as if they parked illegally anywhere else.


Payment from Drivers

The Driver will not be allowed to check in to a Parking Space unless they have an acceptable minimum amount of credit to cover potential charges. However, if the final cost at check-out exceeds the Driver's credit, the Driver's account will go into a negative balance and they will be required to add enough credit to cover their debt before they can use Park Circa again.


Changing Schedules

If your schedule changes, you can update your parking space schedule at any time, as often as you wish (as long as someone isn't currently checked in to the space, because we can't let you raise the price or change the hours while they are checked in). You can also deactivate your parking space, which pulls it temporarily off the market so no one will see it and no one will be able to check in to the space.


Is Park Circa Legal?

Is it legal for you to share you friend's parking space? All Park Circa does is provide a service that helps members communicate with one another and facilitates transaction between parties. It is your responsibility to determine the legality of your actions. If you have specific questions, talk to your local law enforcement. If you know of any legal issues, let us know so we can help all our users follow the law.


Searching for Parking

You may perform advanced parking searches on the Find Parking page, by clicking on the "advanced search" link under the Location field. This will provide additional criteria that allow you to narrow down your search by day, hour, vehicle size, max distance, etc.




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